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    Cannot load save on Land 6

    Thanks a mil !!
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    Cannot load save on Land 6

    Yeah so after writing my issue, I actually went on my last save which was land 5 just after completing the level. After which I went immediately into the portal. I haven't had any issue up until now, the usual random crashing which doesn't bother me because I regularly save the game
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    Cannot load save on Land 6

    Hi guys, I've recently managed to install the gem on my windows 10 from CD and keys and then I loaded the patches from this website. My issue is the following: I can't load my last save on isle 6. It crashes and exits the game. I can load previous saves no problem, I can start a new game as...
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    Black & White 2 Unofficial Patch v1.42

    Hi there guys, You guven me a piece of my childhood back and I can finally show my younger brother what I used to play when I was his age. After completing the whole installation and patching process, I opened the game and noticed one quite disturbing glitch. The islands appear "see through"...