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    Nice, I'm the one who made those conversions of the other two over a decade ago. I didn't make Firestorm at the time because I didn't think it was well suited to being a single-player map, but more recently I'd kind of wished I had done all three. It's a year late but thanks for completing the set.
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    Creature Alignment Gallery

    I've never been able to find a gallery of decent quality images of all the creatures as neutral, good and evil, so I decided to take some screen captures myself. Provided below are some gallery links as well as download links to a .7z archive of the original images. Galleries Imgur MEGA Google...
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    Running Black & White on Windows 10

    What do you mean when you say they aren't working? When you move the hand to the edge of the screen, it doesn't work? Does moving and picking things up work correctly? If the mouse is working correctly, you should be able to zoom with the mouse wheel as well.
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    Running Black & White on Windows 10

    Just wanted to report that this patch is working for me so far, thanks. I was getting the 'lh has stopped working' error at first, but after reinstalling the game to my system drive rather than my separate game drive fixed the issues I was having with the patch installs. So if anyone is having...
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    Welcome to BWFiles

    Glad to see the site was saved in some form. :upside
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    Saving multiplayer

    Like Burgald said, I don't think you can save a multiplayer game. I recall reading once on here a while ago that someone supposedly knew how to do it, but I don't think they ever shared how. You can try and save the game in the Save Game Room in the Temple, or perhaps using your Quick Save...
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    B&W Creature Changer

    I liked using the Cache changer because it let you check your Creature's height (and other stats) as well. Alternatives are always good, though.
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    [SOLVED]Game is not starting and no errors are given.

    Glad to see you found a solution! Here's the description for that update from Microsoft's site: So it appears it's a known issue, unfortunately with some kind of vulnerability. At least you got your game working, though.
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    Creatures Won't Learn to Use the Village Store

    Do you mean they won't learn the skill? As in, the game acknowledges that they know how in the Creature Cave? Or they won't actually do the skill? If it's the former, I usually just tie them to the store and eventually they learn from watching the villagers. Keep in mind that if you're on Land...
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    The early black&white

    Yeah, neither of the upload methods seem to be working when I just tried it. I'm not sure it's possible to get files up here anymore. At any rate, I've mirrored it onto a couple of other sites, since I don't know how long tinyupload keeps files for. Mediafire (view and download) MEGA (download)
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    The early black&white

    Wow, there's a lot more in there than I expected! Thanks a lot for uploading. It's too bad the file upload on the site is having problems. It'd be nice to have this in the downloads section somewhere.
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    The early black&white

    You could always upload to Mediafire or MEGA or something instead. is free and requires no registration and allows uploads of up to 50 MB.
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    The early black&white

    I think a lot of us still hanging around here would be interested in seeing it.
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    The early black&white

    I seem to recall having the Deluxe Edition of the game, but I can't find that PDF on my disc, just the manual. I'd be interested in seeing it if you're still willing to upload it.
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    Portal in Land 2 won't open

    Unless you're using an influence hack, I'm not sure it would possible to destroy it before taking all of the villages. Once you take a certain number the game automatically triggers the scene where Lethys takes your Creature to the next Land. Once that vortex disappears, then you destroy his...
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    BW Express MapEditor 2.02 (without installation)

    It won't seem to let me attach the .ocx files to this post, so I've uploaded them to MEGA and Mediafire instead. Hopefully they won't disappear again now.!gMUyQbxI!MI1of3XXDPP5xwH_6E4CsTduVY-ldIOHxqsElUQSuXw...
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    Tutorial - How to switch your current "creaturemind"

    Huh. I was too young when this game was active to really play online and be good at it, and now obviously the online community has dwindled. So reading about these strategies for playing online and how to train a Creature specifically for online is pretty interesting for me. I usually just kind...
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    Think there will ever be a Black and white 3?

    Yeah, especially with key developers leaving and the team splitting to have some people work on a new game, Godus' future looks pretty bleak. [source] I can understand why people are angry, if they backed a game and the game that they supported never came to be.
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    Think there will ever be a Black and white 3?

    I'm glad I grabbed it when it was on sale, too. I'd be kind of pissed if I paid full price for what I got. My desire for a new god game trumped the facts that Godus didn't look very good and that everyone said it wasn't worth it.
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    Think there will ever be a Black and white 3?

    I'd be interested but it seems pretty unlikely.