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    Request for help with chl. format files

    A bit off topic but I could use some help regarding compiling and using compiled scripts. I see that OOdin's compilation tool si pretty popular but I don't understand how it works. Regardles of what I write in "input" area, it doesn't find anything. On the other hand compiling standard way using...
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    Army Engine

    Hi, I hate to say it but it's not working for me. While I try to compile it, compiler says it has 7 errors that are refering to missing constants of "PLAYER", "T_LOOP" "SOLDIER', "SCALE. Am I missing a data base or library? I would be glad if anyone could help me!
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    Request for help with chl. format files

    Hi, I'm new into editing Black and White 2 files. I'm strugling to open chl. format files wich supposed to describe land's challenges. I've tried official moding tools, script tool and have no results. Could someone at least give me a hint? Thanks in advance: Survivor_57