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    Heelp I'm so sad :(

    Hey everyone I lost the CD for black and white is there any way I could get a cracked version of it or crack the game itself? I really want to play it again :(. Since I paid for I would atleast like to play it again! I have EVERY disk BUT THAT ONE! :( Thanks!
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    Put a pause after everything so: @ECHO OFF echo Compiling title compiler blah blah blah blah blah blah pause
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    Diskussionstpic for the Mega Mod

    I added you
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    God four's Temple

    Nice. Will use it! How do you change the color of the influence?
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    Purple Lightning

    How did I do so?
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    Update 3

    Yay!  :shocked
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    upcomming Aztec extension mod skinning contest

    Can't wait to see who wins :)
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    Diskussionstpic for the Mega Mod

    I can do that for you :). Just tell me how and I can do it..?
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    How do I load a saved game?

    Got it  :yourock:
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    Daxter's God AI

    Nicely done :) ^
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    0 Tribute Modification, everything is free!!!!

    Don't set it to 0. It can crash the game :) only set it to 1,000 each.
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    My land wont load?

    All of them  :rolleyes
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    My land wont load?

    Hey all Youtube2` here :). I go to play my land and it wont load.. It just gets stuck :( I have Kays scripts.. EDIT: I hear music in the background..??? ???
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    Orange Lightning

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    Ghostly White Fireballs

    Nice :blush
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    Yellow Lightning

    :woot nice.
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    Available Hamachi Network

    I saw this post I was like  :woot Then I saw nobody was there then I was  :( I was on that Hamachi for quite some time :D but no one got on...
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    Help with Landscapeditor

    THANK YOU! It works now! Thank you so much Ego! No errors no crash no nutin! Thanks so much!  :woot  :woot  :woot  :woot
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    Help with Landscapeditor

    Everything is correct :angry I have this path set Base = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Lionhead Studios\Black & White 2" And I restarted my computer twice and disabled my start up programs.  ???
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    Available Hamachi Network

    Wrong place to put that mate..