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  1. MigX

    Black & white 3 using Unreal Engine?

    Maybe there is a way to take a long path to create some spiritual sucessor of the franchise or bw3 straight, what if the whole modder commumity could lead a big project with unreal engine to make it possible? I were seeing unreal engine tools amd it's not that hard to use, and someone with free...
  2. MigX

    Running Black & White 2 on Windows 10

    Hello there, i want to know... Well i have black and white 2, plus v1 and v2 patch. I don't have any issues running the game, even with my high end rig, im talking about a ryzen 1800x, gtx 1080 Ti, 32 gb ram and windows 10 at the latest build, weird thing, i install the game and those two...
  3. MigX

    Hell mode for Norse Land Full

    I'm resurrecting from my graveyard haha! yeah, i will re upload this, and continue doing mods here, even if i am the only one left in this comunity  :yourock:
  4. MigX

    Black and White 1, 2, BoTG Patches

    Oh, i have the original bw2 and bott and never got compatibility problems, i use an ryzen 1800x and a gtx 1080 Ti, the game runs perfect.   I want an patch for botg to make it work properly without glitches, botg crashes randomly, epic wonder powers appear kilometters away where you cast them...
  5. MigX

    runtime error; abnormal program termination.

    ...why?? Land 5, trying to defeat nemesis for hours, throwing rocks to his.... Suddendly!!! an pop up says "runtime error; abnormal program termination" and all my progress been f*cked up... Why? I had all patches installed, even the fan patch 4... :c
  6. MigX

    landscape edit

    Heya... Hey i'm habing some problems aditing landscapes, i use bw sueveyor rc 2, all perfect, but the problem is when i finished to edit lands, the shadows looks glitchy, they r still there where the old mountains existed... Any fix for this?
  7. MigX

    Why is Lethys, Nemesis's ally?

    As i know, Lethis is an disciple of nemesis, and... My theory, Nemesis and Lethys killed so much gods in the world, and as nemesis continues killing gods and gain power, Lethys start a war against Khazaar, and probably, in the second land, is one of the much lands that they have the war...
  8. MigX

    Drag enemy storehouse?

    Ahm uhr... I made an mod for this... And posted threads below... Because this site dont have any upload server x.x
  9. MigX

    How to improve alignment in black and white 2? And other alignment questions

    And uh... This is the only way to be good, not like bw1, be good there is easy as hell... Hell?? Oh well xD... Just edit the gamebalance alignment and edit something to boost your alignment.
  10. MigX

    Villagers need sleep

    Uhm yup, as i said, the problem is the ammount, exponential bro, the sleep and free time gets glitchy when much time is played on the same land, so, the only way to fix this is deleting both desieres... I keep in the norse land building great cities... And after 8 - 9 hours of gameplay (even...
  11. MigX

    Dealing with "we need sleep" and "we need free time" needs in a large settlement

    Heya, in my mods thread, you can find an solution for this ;3
  12. MigX

    Black & white graphics

    Thanks!! I make this work again! Looks like i skipped something, now im playing at full HD and with a new building! Thanks a lot!!
  13. MigX

    Black & white graphics

    Thanks but your guide makes my game fitfully crash u-u  i can only play black & white withput patches and fixes... And hyper glitchy graphics :'/
  14. MigX

    Lionhead Studios UK closure, Fable Legends cancelled

    Uhm, black & white would be awesome, ps4 graphics? 4k compatibility? And uh, make an super metropolis!! New troops with actual guns, and miracles, epics aghhh! (Head explosion)
  15. MigX

    Black & white graphics

    I use it, but i belive the graphics card drivers make the landscape looks ugly
  16. MigX

    Black & white graphics

    Yep, all those steps, the game run perfectly, the only problem is the graphics, landscapes looks ugly, evem if i zoom all in to the ground.
  17. MigX

    Black & white graphics

    Here, landscape looks ugly...
  18. MigX

    Black & white graphics

    Heya~ ... Hey guys, i have some problems with the game textures, setting to maximum detail, the game shows landscape textures really blurry and dont connect to the others... This is annoying... Can anyone help me? Specs: -i7 5820k -16 gb g.skill ddr4 -gtx 980 -windows 10 pro
  19. MigX

    Villagers need sleep

    its a balance problem, when you keep in one land foran large period of time, the value increase too fast, fast enought to grow your villager sleep desiere and free time desiere in seconds, i fixed this problem with a mod, see my mod thread (migx mods (download)) check the mod/fix,happy building ...
  20. MigX

    How to edit maps for Battle of the Gods using the Landscape Editor ?

    just... open them, nothing more than this, landscape editor is fully compatible with botg maps  :cool: