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    Tiger's Eye Eyeball (CI compatible) 2021-01-11

    the eyeball needs to be installed in the Data folder. You'll figure it out, this game is 20 years old at the time of uploading this file. I made this eyeball because I found the tiny brown dot that is the eye rather redicule on most creatures. This eyeball looks a tad weird on some creatures...
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    Albino Turtle 2021-01-11

    An Albino version of the Turtle creature, because I really really dislike the Rainbow version of this guy. The cute guy below was modeling for me whilst I was painting this skin. The screenshots of the ingame model look weird as they are made in a program which uses blue lighting to light the...
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    Albino Turtoise (Good)

    Because a rainbow turtoise is silly,  I've already tried gold and it didn't work out so well, so now I am going albino!
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    Improved Panda Bear (good)

    I created a good brown bear skin, which looks like a panda. I was inspired by this skin from Sier. But the stark lines in the skin, and the obvious seams bothered me. So I made my own. Screenshot...
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    I have seen a video on YouTube where a God gets to play Eve as his Creature!! It's just a skin / creature modification, not actually 'eve'. Mind you, using this eve will have the mouth behave weirdly. The real eve was rigged to talk. The leopard animations that are used for the creature don't know how to handle the mouth of eve.
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    Fur Length Modding Question

    Is it possible to alter the fur length, and places where the creature has fur? The tiger doesn't have fur on his tail, the cow doesn't have fur in his face, ect. I want more fur. Is this possible, and if so, what files need editing? (sorry, I posted this in the wrong place. Didn't pay...