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  1. maestru


    Okay...that setup fixed the problem :D thx for help!
  2. maestru


    Hello everyone! I have some graphical problem...i just bought a new ati hd 3600 and installed bw1 on win xp sp3 and get some distortion on the landscape when i zoom in.....Is this fixable?  :help
  3. maestru

    Snow panther (good)

    Nice to see something new arround here...keep up the good work!! :)
  4. maestru

    BnWExpressMapEditor 2.02

    I don't know how to use it
  5. maestru

    BWSurveyor RC2

    How I edit worlds with this tool?
  6. maestru

    Genesismod V0.85b *Update* (Extern Link)

    U need to change the download link.!
  7. maestru

    7 New Water Rainbow-Version

    Good textures!
  8. maestru

    Blue Stahli

    Awsome work!
  9. maestru

    Genesismod V0.85b *Update* (Extern Link)

    the down link is broken..
  10. maestru

    How to make a map from scratch

    Good :yourock:
  11. maestru

    Lndromat v0.99 Update

    Where is the .dds file?
  12. maestru

    How i can make a map?!

    ....but im done with the mapping  :) i cant make i quit.
  13. maestru

    How i can make a map?!

    idk how to use photoshop..
  14. maestru

    Genesismod V0.85b *Update* (Extern Link)

    is this the final project?
  15. maestru

    ~ Minas's little Map Tutorial ~ (with Photoshop)

    the program dont work when i make a lnd file ... :help
  16. maestru

    How i can make a map?!

    i mean i cant make a .lnd file cuz i dont know how to use lndromat and surveyor
  17. maestru

    How i can make a map?!

    Hi, im soo desperate in how i make a map i am trying for 3 years to make a simple map and it dosent work... i watched Mina's tutorial about making a map without photoshop but the programs i used they dont work .. so im asking how to create a simple map. :help
  18. maestru

    Island Wars

    cool thx for the map ! awsome work
  19. maestru

    ~ Minas's little Map Tutorial ~ (with Photoshop)

    I suck at PhotoShop i cant make any map...