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  1. Kays

    Creature files

    Hi and welcome. :) I can't answer all the questions since it's been a bit too long since I've played the game but.. The creaturemind folder contains all of the creature minds for both the game and player creatures. The one with the .erc files are for the player creatures. The first contains...
  2. Kays

    Creating a 'smart' player creature on custom maps

    Yep, that's the way it works. A creature needs to be "assigned" to you. Take a look at my Lion Pride map. It was fun writing that since a player can only have one creature with which he can interact with.
  3. Kays

    Multiple creatures

    LOL, good question as I forget. :D Take a look at the script. It should be included with the map. It's got something to do with switching who the creature belongs to.
  4. Kays

    Like creating landscapes but can't play them

    Yes, call it whatever land number you are using. The same as what it is in the map.txt file since that's what calls it.
  5. Kays

    How could that effect the citadel!?!

    Did you create a citadel for yourself?
  6. Kays

    Creature Minds and Where to Find Them

    Actually, you can find it in Scripts/CreatureMind.
  7. Kays

    Feeding problems...

    Miine does that regularly. Especially if there's no easy food source available. Gets to be a bit of a pain since it really takes a big chunk of food from the storehouse. I can't say how to train him. Mine was trained to eat fish and will eat grain but not livestock. Somehow over time when...
  8. Kays

    Waterfall tutorial?

    I forget the ins and outs of the compiler right now. See if the links on this page help any.
  9. Kays

    Map Scripting

    Hi, if you can get the Express Map Editor to work, it's a nice tool to use. It has the scripting list built in as well as a couple of viewers which make a few of the functions easier to use. Take a look at a two player map to see how the citadel and other player is written in.
  10. Kays

    How to open already compiled scripts?

    Hi, the info on this thread is as close as you might get to decompiling a .chl file.
  11. Kays

    Waterfall tutorial?

    Hi, that's a nice looking map. :) If you can get the compiler to work, then we do have a Script Library set up with some tutorials and quite a number of example scripts. Including one to add  a waterfall If you can't get it to run. There is a generic .chl file which should work on most maps...
  12. Kays

    Flat map...

    Check out the landscape in this map. It huge and it's flat.
  13. Kays

    re-compiling the generic chl file

    HI, what probelms are you having when trying to compile? I could recompile it for you. Removing the influence isn't difficult. But not that other god I don't know about since he shouldn't be there.
  14. Kays

    Why Haven't my skins gone through yet?

    Hi, thank you for your submission. I've just added it. Do you have a screenshot of that hand. If you do, can you edit the file to add it.
  15. Kays

    B&W on natal...

    It figures now that PM is part of the Microsoft empire that he'd have the resources to continue with some of his innovative ideas. More than most games, this is something to which I think that the movements or motions used in B&W can be readily adapted. Just imagine reaching out to grab the...
  16. Kays

    Land 1 Creature Guide

    Hi, yes it does depend on the creature you have at the time. The thought of a Sheep as a guide creature is scary though. Thankfully I've never used the Cow.
  17. Kays

    Question - God Allignment 'glitch'

    Hi, I think that patching to 1.20 should solve that problem. 1.10 isn't necessary since 1.20 does incorporate those fixes.
  18. Kays

    BW1 on Windows 7

    It's not that critcal if your creature has gone through the tuorials or whether he's eaten or not. The less habit he's got the easier it is. The thing is that it's done early enough. A creature will stop growing rapidly at the age of 18 and with the extreme growth map it should take about 6 - 7...
  19. Kays

    Landscape editor Strange error.

    When you installed the tools, did the upacker run successfully. It does take some time so you would notice it.
  20. Kays

    The Three Corners

    If that's for the fps, I wouldn't know. That's an existing script which I just added.