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  1. Ziusudra

    Running Black & White on Windows 10

    This and no.
  2. Ziusudra

    How Long is a year in B&W

    The length of a day-night cycle can vary, but all the map scripts that set it use 1700 seconds, with 8.3% of that being night, and 7% being sun-rise or sun-set.
  3. Ziusudra

    Permanently remove building?

    1. Maybe try teleports on either side of the buildings? Though since it's a scripted movement, that might not work. 2. Try getting a tight pile of several big rocks, light them on fire until they glow white, then drop the pile on the places where the buildings are, and add more fire. (Artifact...
  4. Ziusudra

    The Original Project CREED

    Actually, it's also archived here along with a few other sites
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    New PC- Graphic Nightmare

    In this old thread it says "graphic glitches happen? If you use AMD, disable morphologic filtering and surface optimization"
  6. Ziusudra

    Every time a new Start

    My guess would be that you installed the game to Program Files and modern Windows won't let the game write files there. Try running the game as an Administrator (not usually a safe thing to do) OR install the game to a folder that Windows doesn't protect (this is the usual recommended solution...
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    I am worried about the "Black & White Unofficial Patch v1.42"

    So, there are multiple reasons to think this is a false positive: only one engine flags it that engine, VBA32, is an older, lesser-known engine by a Belorussian company whose best employees allegedly now work for Kaspersky on the Behavior tab in the VirusTotal ZenBox sandbox, the only changes...