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    How to modify spells?

    I want to modify certain attributes of the spells in game. Like how impressive they are, or wether they count as good or evil. It looks like the info.dat file has what I need, but I can't figure out how to read it. When I open it in a text editor it looks encrypted. I thought it might be excel...
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    want some help with mod order

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    would like a trainer

    i have the 1.4 fan patch installed (along with the prerequisite patches) and the trainer i downloaded isnt working. anyone know of one that works with the patch? or how to get the cache pak working?
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    want some help with mod order

    I'm going on a little nostalgia trip and want to install some mods. the unofficial patches, the ultimate patch by shane, and the HD project by cannabico. before i install anything except the game and creature playground, are these compatible? and what order should i install them in?