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  1. sissel

    a way to alter how fast people die of old age?

    this game is even more unstable than skyrim but i understand that there's mods out there that modify how much food fields give, how many units of food people and armies take, ect i'm not sure where i would look but is it possible to alter how long it takes for old age to kill a human? i have...
  2. sissel

    solutions to overpopulation?

    ive always loved this game but it practically discourages you from being anything but evil, i constantly have to keep making villas, my villagers are depressed if i dont let them breed but no matter how many fields or farmers i have they never seem to have enough food does anyone know how to...
  3. sissel

    loading any file from the save temple crashes the game?

    basically what it says in the title, i haven't downloaded any addons, i never downloaded the 1.3 patch and im on the 1.4 fan patch :S autosaves, manual saves, loading any of them will make my game unresponsive (no matter how long i wait) and when i open the game, it only seems to load autosaves...
  4. sissel

    was there ever a mod that added higher res graphics?

    i swore i saw this around years ago but i havent been able to find it again ;; does anyone know where i can find it?