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  1. Sier

    About Artifacts

    People are taking the poo artifact suggestion a bit too seriously.A deadpan response is one thing, but... :shocked
  2. Sier

    About Artifacts

    If poo can become an artifact, why bother with anything else? Okay, sure, it's easily destroyed, and it can be a bit small(full grown 'samples' are barely bigger than a villager), but... It's so readily available. :rolleyes
  3. Sier

    About Artifacts

    Yes, but I was asking if the poo can become an artifact. I doubt it, but it would be interesting, eh?
  4. Sier

    About Artifacts

    What about creature poo? ... It's gotta be used for something. 'Though it also makes for a decent flaming projectile in the right circumstances. Like when you know your opponent is watching so you can get a laugh.  :p
  5. Sier

    Snow Eve Set

    Any problems are likely caused by the creature model, not this skin...
  6. Sier

    Something wrong with creature messages?

    For anyone that tries to help, there is more on this issue in this topic by Ampersand:;topicseen#msg48524 As I said, I can't play, so I hope someone else can help. :cool:
  7. Sier

    Feeding problems...

    You have access to the miracles, but you have to fly around the map using miracle bubbles instead of just casting the miracle with your own power, so it's rather inconvenient. I'd rather wait til land 2 or use a skirmish map. Yes, unfortunately that is a side effect of having "Creature Tips"...
  8. Sier

    Questions about catching

    I never knew about that. :shocked I wish I could play the game and try it myself... Anyway, some throwing tips. First, practice using the silver scroll in land 1 that has you throw rocks at a pillar. You can do this over and over. Second, I recommend throwing as close to the target as possible...
  9. Sier

    Feeding problems...

    Skimming over that article, a lot of it seems to be inaccurate, and mostly based on single experiences without further testing, or in-game hints which are almost always wrong. I used to rely heavily on articles like that, but when most of the things I 'learned' from them turned out to be wrong...
  10. Sier

    Feeding problems...

    I can't play the game right now, so I don't know what settings you need. Just tinker with them until you get what you need. As for that guide, could you post a link? I'd like to take a look.
  11. Sier

    Modified HelpSprites(Good Yogi and Evil Demon)

    I've edited the help sprite files(Demon_Mesh.l3d and Yogi_Mesh.l3d) thinking I could simply replace the files like a normal skin. However, the sprites appear to be their normal colors when the game runs. I'm just wondering if anyone else has ever used custom help sprites, and if so, how they got...
  12. Sier

    Feeding problems...

    When he goes to pick up the food, is it because he is interested in it since he saw you cast it? You have to make sure he is picking it up for the right reason. Make sure you get a message relating to him wanting to actually eat the food. It should be something like "Your creature is hungry"...
  13. Sier

    About gestures. (That sounds soooo messed up! XD)

    1) Make sure your mouse settings are set to a comfortable speed(not sure if this affects in-game, but it might. I've never had a problem with it) Edit: Or your mouse itself could be causing problems. What are you using? 2) Start slow 3) Practice 4) R for repeat 5) P for pause, and go to your...
  14. Sier

    Need Help w/ Zebra

    I believe there are some wolves near beaches somewhere, and possibly some near forests. They also attack villages occasionally, at night. Or, you can always use a creature changing program if it's too much trouble to search for them.
  15. Sier

    Feeding problems...

    Do you mean the grain is in a pile(looks like a bunch of sand), or in the form of what appears to be solid bunches of wheat? If it's in a pile, where is he getting it from? If it's not a pile, or the grain is from a farming field, the game sometimes registers the object as inedible(like rocks...
  16. Sier

    Creature Select and Creature Default

    Sorry, I also can't even play the game at the moment. I think I mentioned this in a few other topics. I'm just wondering if there is something I can check on setup or something. Anyway, this kind of belongs in the other topic, doesn't it?
  17. Sier

    Creature Select and Creature Default I don't know which one I used, but that's what I found... And I don't know anything about MACS.
  18. Sier

    Wonder related questions

    I don't have creature isle and I don't have the disc on me. I thought maybe there was a way to just check on the computer.
  19. Sier

    Wonder related questions

    There are a couple of programs in the download section that allow you to change your creature. I use a program called "Creature Changer" which I think is by "Cache" I don't remember how to check which version of the game I have. And I thought I bought the game about when it came out, but I...
  20. Sier

    Wonder related questions

    The storm miracle is useful for putting out lots of fires quickly. It also gains a lot of belief. I like to give this to my evil creatures sometimes, as a way to make a grand entrance(it can be a nice alternative to Flying Creatures, with the bonus of putting out the fires...) Stronger versions...