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    Running Black & White on Windows 10

    In the Fan Patch set up utility try to choose a different resolution. Try to check "windowed" and see what works. I am running the game on a M2 Apple with a native resolution of 2560x1664. In the setting utility I have a setting of 1710x1112 w/o windowed checked and it is perfect in full screen...
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    Is there a playable version of OGAM out there?
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    Vanilla Black & White

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    Vanilla Black & White

    What does that mean?
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    How Long is a year in B&W

    I remember seeing this, but can not locate the reference. How long does a day last?
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    Creature Island

    Hi All, Question: If you play Creature Isle/Island what your creature learns in it will it take it to the Black & White game wit it when you reopen B&W?
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    B&W on Apple silicon

    I was able to rekindle my old flame with B & W I had a long time ago. In the intervening time I switched over MAC over 15 years ago. About two weeks ago I happened to come across this forum. Using CrossOver and this forum, I was able to install the game on my 2022 MacbookAir with an M2 chip. So...
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    Goods playground

    How do you take your creature to the Goods Playground?
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    Black & White: Eden Overhaul v1.2

    Thank you so much, very kind of you. Denes
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    Improved Panda Bear (good)

    How do you install this good?
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    Black & White: Eden Overhaul v1.2

    The download link is not working. Can somebody provide a correct link. Thanks, Denes