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    Game crashes when I start any Skirmish

    I down loaded a few of the growth maps just to get my creature growing and any time I load any map the game goes to the loading bar screen and then just closes to desk top. No information or reason given any help is appreciated.
  2. K

    Multiplayer: A new hope

    That would be fantastic :D please do what you can
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    Multiplayer: A new hope

    Yeah I didn't mean what I said in a negative way I just mean't without the backing from the original game developers... which is impossible now.  I know ive been promoting your program for a while now to a group of friend we just need to figure out how to open our ports so we can play.  None of...
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    Multiplayer: A new hope

    I logged on to this yesterday only person on was King and he didn't respond :( I'm really hopeful for a fresh start at an online community for this game.  I believe the game has so much potential but without an official backing its kind of hard to keep the faith.
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    B&W multiplayer server

    Id like to but honestly I really haven't put much effort into knowhing how as of right now and I need to build up a creature and play the game again before I start trying to fight other gods. lol