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    Advisors on widescreen

    I've always remembered the advisors as being chubby but ever since I started playing on an ultrawide screen I noticed that they were just streched and that the only way to have them normal would be to play in 4:3. Is there anyway to remedy to that? I don't mind if they just appear when they're...
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    Getting rid of migrations.

    I must have tweeked the wrong value then.
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    Getting rid of migrations.

    Thank you for your answer. As of reducing all the impressiveness of greek buildings, I tried it (years back mind you) and the influence ring that appeared around it was also reduced.
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    Getting rid of migrations.

    I haven't played BW2 in a long time now and am wanting to start again. It makes me sad to see that Kayssplace is no more but this site has done a great job salvaging what was left of it. Good job. :) Anyways, the biggest problem that I have had with BW2 is that, when doing a military...
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    Mod that makes you need more impressiveness to win

    Yeah I tried that once but it also reduces the increase of the influence ring size.
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    Mod that makes you need more impressiveness to win

    Hello all, I was wondering if there was a mod that makes enemy towns need more impressiveness to make them migrate. I find it way to easy to win the good way and I don't build good cities before winning the land and it'sboring to build after winning.
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    Creature training after a year of not playing B&W

    Thanks, this will help me a lot. :)
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    Creature training after a year of not playing B&W

    It's been a year (or more) since I last played Black and White and I thought it would be a good idea to start playing again. The only problem is that I now remember how horrible it was to train a creature...  :bomb So I was just wanting advise or if you don't mind, the solution to get my...
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    BW2 + BW2 botg

    Could any one tell me where I can find a tutorial on how maps and scripts work? It will help me loads. :D
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    BW2 + BW2 botg

    Well I'm trying to do the opposite : BW2 game on the BotG disk. :) That makes it even more complecated as I thought it would be. I originaly thought that it would be possible to just insert the maps from BW2 into BotG correctly. Guess it'll be more of a challenge. xD
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    BW2 + BW2 botg

    I am wanting to make a mod where I am able to play BW2 and BW2 BotG continuacly (story as in not changing cd wh=en I want to continue the story). Basicly I'm wanting to put the BW2 story (land 1, 2, 3, 4... all the way to land 9) and once the story finished, go to land 1 BotG from clicking on...
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    Favourite Epic Wonder?

    Mine's got to be siren. Probably because it's the cheapest and doesn't make a mess (I hate untidy towns, even enemy's).
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    Hobbit attack problem

    Well this might be normal and isn't a glitch, but my soldiers, at first level, are abnormally small (about 3/4 of a villager's size). So I was wondering if there was a way to make my hobbit soldiers be normal sized, and also when they are at top level make them normal size as well (since I've...
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    Ghost wolf

    Oh no! The undead god has finaly taken ultimate control of the norse tribe.  :shocked Awesome skin.  :D
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    Disable impressivness?

    Cheers I'l shall try that later. ^^
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    God damn creature!

    Well here's what I did : 50% for feeding, sleeping when exausted, sleeping at night, drinking when thirsty 40% for being curious 60% for messing around with me 70-80% for being nice and generous, impressing people 30% for being playfull. For punishing, I do it randomly according to his...
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    God damn creature!

    Hey all, I've started playing BW1 again and I'm having problems with my creature. When I started training him, I tought him to eat, sleep (at night and when exausted), and drink. Then once I saw he could look after himself, I tought him to be nice to others : collect food and wood, water trees...
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    Wolf gets deformed.

    I was wondering if it was normal taht the wolf's face gets all deformed (big massive nose, gums showing through the lips).
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    Kaiser's Creature Training Pack V3

    It's dusk because it makes you're creature grow faster.
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    First land evil strategy.

    I've heard that people find it hard to conquer the aztec god by force in the first land (never mind the other two). Well I can't blame them since shortly after the begining you've got hordes of skeletons that attack you're city and catapults destroying you're walls. Well I've found a good...