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    Children are not growing up :(

    I don't know for sure 100% but I think that's a built-in anti-piracy thing, if it's a sketchy copy in any way kids might not age. I think the unofficial fan patch fixes this, since sketchy copies are all that remains to play this game anyway...
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    I'm having this problem as well. Villagers simply refuse to do anything. Some of them might go start building things or moving around, but generally they all just stand around doing nothing even during night when they should sleep. Disciples might go to where their task is, but they still don't...
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    Workaround for Saving Issue, New Issue Possibly.

    I've just been having this issue lately on the first Aztec land.  I thought it would have something to do with having over 1000 population but considering that's one of the goals of the land I wasn't set on it. I'll try out this workaround in the mean time and report back any findings.  I've...