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    info.cdat and info.txt files

    After 7 or so years I've decided to get back into BW2 modding. Among other things I was looking at the info.txt and info.cdat files in the /script folder. There are a lot of interesting values in these files and the documentation explains them all, for example I can non-destructively remove the...
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    Arabic soldiers, Spanish knights and a very happy Mcfrosty3000

    as mentioned in a previous thread, ive been adding to the medieval knights mod. and as also mentioned in that thread, i havent had the time to do it. but at the moment there isnt much coursework at school, so now i have plenty of free time to finish the mod. :yes i havent had the time to test...
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    Hardwiring the BWM files

    A while ago i heard skelape talking about making the BWM skin files use multiple textures by editing them straight from the file, for example i duplicate s_greekmalea.bwm and get the duplicate to use instead of by editing the text file via readme. it tried to...
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    Landscape Editor is playing up.

    in the "which mod would you like me to do" thread, i mentioned that i was going to start work on a skirmish map. i started it up, made a pretty awesome map, then saved it. no problems there - i could see the files, and none were missing, and suddenly, as i loaded it up again, i got this message...
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    New mod, map, skin or balancefile request.

    kayssplace has been VERY quiet recently, and im thinking of making a new mod, map, skin etc. but I dont want to waste a couple of weeks on something that only 3 or 4 people will download. :( so please vote, even if you dont want a mod. i just want to see how many people are on kayssplace and...
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    Assorted European Knights

    anglosaxon submitted a new resource: Assorted European Knights - This is a compilation of three mods that will change your soldiers and flags into medieval knights. Read more about this resource...
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    New mod - Knights and Crusaders

    i just want to see if there'll be any interest in this. ive been working on a mod and should have it all done and dusted by friday. it consists of: three (or four) factions with flags and custom weapons six (or eight) newly textured units it already contains: crusader knights syrian...
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    Yet again.... Alpha channel!

    sorry about this, i hope this'll be the last question.... suppose you have a .dds file (for example that has no alpha channeling on it, and you add an alpha channel on the arm, will the arm dissapear when you use that texture? it works for flagicons_icons000.tga.
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    Alpha channel.... again

    alpha channel. :( i know what it does, but i dont have photoshop which is the only program that seems to have it. does anyone know any programs that i can use alpha channeling on? ill rep you if you tell me because if i could use it could do some great mods.
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    three questions....

    three questions. what on earth is a tech level? ive seen them on the scripts and map editors, as in "reach a certain tech level and the enemy will attack". i saw kays on lionhead forums a while back, talking to somebody about a balance file editor that would make editing balance files alot...
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    Holy Roman Empire Mod

    anglosaxon submitted a new resource: Holy Roman Empire Mod - This is a mod that turns your soldiers into generic medieval european soldiers Read more about this resource...
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    talking japanese leader

    recently my computer was invaded by an annoying virus (who makes those things?). i had to reinstall everything, including BW2... the next day i decided, "i cant be bothered to start BW2 from the beginning, so ill change the map.txt file to start on the first japanese land." it worked. i started...
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    would you pay lionhead to continue improving BW2?

    ive seen people discuss this on the lionhead website, and i want to find out if people would actually pay to get lionhead to refurbish the game.
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    waterfalls in mapping

    quite simply: can you use the BW2 mapping tool to add waterfalls to the map? i am referring to waterfalls like the one in the very first tutorial level in BW2. thanks :)
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    WOMD epic miracle

    sometimes i browse through  the unstuffed data files and i come across a file that mentions the WOMD epic miracle. i presume that lionhead dropped this idea prior to production. can anyone tell me what it was and why it was dropped? thanks.
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    simple question, complex question.

    Simple question, Probably simple answer. Is it possible to get archers to wield a weapon in their left hand as well as their left hand? Simple question, Simple answer. Which file changes the look of arrows? and are arrows 3D models or just 2D images that rotate with the camera? Thanks :D
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    alpha channel

    could someone alpha channel the black areas in this image please? i tried to do it my photoshop but i dont have the right version. thanks :)
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    GNH.... need a script

    i made a map, it has two cities, one aztec camp and one greek megacity (no buildings, just walls and a town centre) anyway, i cant script, but i wanted a simple script wth no challenges or FPS, just a script that spawns 1000 enemy soldiers (Not all one platoon, maybe 10 or 20 platoons of 50...
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    not enough soldiers.

    is there ANY way - and i mean ANY way to make the platoons in BW2 bigger? i get bored with killing 20 soldiers every 5 minutes!! :angry :angry :angry so is there ANY way - game balance files, .chl files, script uncompilers.... PLEASE!!! IM DESPERATE!!!  :cry :cry