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  1. Willy

    whats with the new b&w Community

    The old site was falling apart, it was out of date, errors were building up, and it didn't have the look we wanted. Hopefully you like the new site so far. This is the first of many updates to come :)
  2. Willy

    Ghost wolf

    Sorry, you can't download it, as the file no longer exists.
  3. Willy

    New Miracles

    Willy submitted a new resource: New Miracles - A mod for adding new miracles to custom lands. Read more about this resource...
  4. Willy

    New Miracles 1.0.0

    A mod for adding new miracles to custom lands. Contains 6 miracles: wheat, forest, ore, animals, lights, and lava. Also provides an example land with the mod for you to try out.
  5. Willy

    Lndromat v0.99 Update

    Hey Shrooblord Matt was able to find a copy that he had download before Kayssplace went down. We've added it back in.
  6. Willy

    Still working on it?

    Okay, the only thing I can think of that might fix it is a clean re-install. Something may not of been installed correctly the first time and its what causing the crashing. Uninstall the game, remove everything, the profiles and every file relating to BW2 from the hard drive. Then reinstall it.
  7. Willy

    Vortex For Black & White 2

    Willy submitted a new resource: Vortex For Black & White 2 - This script can create a vortex on your custom maps and allow the player to move objects to the foll Read more about this resource...
  8. Willy

    Vortex For Black & White 2 1.0.0

    This is not some mod you can install and have it change your Black and White 2 experience forever. This is nothing more then a script file which contains all the scripts needed to create a working vortex on a black and White 2 landscape, and all the documentation on how to use this script on...
  9. Willy

    Game crashes when saving the game.

    Does this include the fan patch?
  10. Willy

    Files with no download link.

    Okay, The missing reply button has been fixed!
  11. Willy

    A Mapping Tutorial

    I am not exactly sure what it is that you are attempting to accomplish here. But I will assume that you want to know the coordinates of a building or object using the landscape editor. There are a few ways to do this: 1. The cursor Move your cursor over top of the object or location you want to...
  12. Willy

    Land 2 Sandbox V3 [FIXED!]

    So apparently the wall file was incorrect and he is missing the .pat file, and there was an issue with his .ter file. After some playing around I managed to get the land working again! Instead of adding an attachment here, I re-uploaded it here:
  13. Willy

    Land2_Sandbox [FIXED AGAIN]

    Willy submitted a new resource: Land2_Sandbox [FIXED AGAIN] - This download will allow you to play on the second land of BW2 (Greek homeland) in sandbox mode. Read more about this resource...
  14. Willy

    Land2_Sandbox [FIXED AGAIN] 1.0.0

    This download will allow you to play on the second land of BW2 (Greek homeland) in sandbox mode. This is a re-upload of what Undead Deity's "Land 2 Sandbox V3 [FIXED!]", but I have recompiled all the needed files and fixed the errors in version 3. For a list of stuff that were fixed view the...
  15. Willy

    Land 2 Sandbox V3 [FIXED!]

    Hey Your in luck, I looked through everything I've downloaded from this website over the years and I found the .bwe file you need for this map, I've attached it to this message :)
  16. Willy

    Files with no download link.

    Oh, that is interesting, because I can see the reply button. It would seem that the reply button on those file pages only appears to admins. I was not aware of this bug. I know of a way to fix this bug, but I don't currently have access to the server so I can't fix it. You can still reply on...
  17. Willy

    Files with no download link.

    Hi herolich2 This website wasn't always bwfiles, it use to be kayssplace and sadly this website went down in 2014. When kayssplace went down Handsome_Matt was able to recover most of the files and setup this site bwfiles. But not all the files were recovered, we are currently missing a little...
  18. Willy


    Sadly texturing a land takes a more artistic and creative mind. For me it takes a long time and several attempts to get a land to look the way I want, even then I'm not always happy with my work, I can always think of something that could look better. I normally look at other lands and study...
  19. Willy


    The landscape editor Handsome Matt is talking about is only the first step. Once you create a land you have to tell the game to load that land and provide code to allow the player to play on the land. Here is the tutorial for how to do this second part...
  20. Willy

    Edit radius of your influence!

    Hi Domii, There is only one way to affect the influence in the landscape editor, that is through the placement of buildings that belong to the town. If you place a few building in those expanded areas for the player's town than the influence will expand around them. There is another way to...