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    Black & White Creature Isle Unofficial Patch v1.24

    Hello Thanks A LOT for this patch ! However, while my BW game works perfectly fine, CI crashes after the LionHead logo :(
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    Black and White 1, 2, BoTG Patches

    May I ask your operating system ?
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    Game stalls at the end of credits

    I had a similar issue, I was agressively clicking everywhere for like 10 minutes until the game ended up resuming. Maybe it would work if you just leave it be for 10-20 minutes...?
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    black and white creature isle, Unofficial Patch?

    Maybe we could give money to the patcher to motivate them to do the work?  :upside  wouldn't be costy if we all participate to it.
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    Audio file download?

    .......just realised my game is French, soo you can have the musics and effects, but not the dialogs :') (well, I mean, you can have them, but... they'll be French).
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    Audio file download?

    Hello, I can send you the folder via email or something if you'd like. I'm not sure how I could host it online.
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    Creature Isle on Windows 10

    Hello, So, apparently, there's no patch to fix Creature Isle, but it seems like some people still managed to run it on modern windows? Then, I'd like to know if anyone got some tips to play this game on Windows 10? I already installed the BW patchs to play BW, but I installed CI after. Should...
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    Changing other gods creature's

    Hello, There's a little trick to swap two creatures. If you go in this folder : C:\Program Files (x86)\Lionhead Studios Ltd\Black & White\Data\CTR You will see the creatures species. The game will look for the file corresponding to a creature's species, and the file itself contains the...
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    Black & White Youtube & Discord

    It says "invite invalid" for both links? :(
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    Does strength matter?

    I suppose it is more of a base stat, an untrained tiger would be stronger than an untrained ape. But, of course, a trained ape is going to be stronger than an untrained tiger. So, as long as you train your creature, guide him right during battle, and use healing miracle when needed, your ape...
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    Black and White 1, 2, BoTG Patches

    Thanks A LOT for these patches! I was so desperate about the game not working! I'm so happy to see that it works now. Thanks a lot, really! (and, yeah, I would LOVE to get a Creature Isle patch as well)