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    Creature Training - Update 1.1

    A couple new features. - Training temples - Toys - MMCLMA space And one thing that's no longer in the "Creature Training.txt" file. - The startup messages. I am uncertain why they caused crashes but they are now housed within the "Pictures and Text Instructions" folder so you can still read them.
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    Creature Training

    Mysterious Tree updated Creature Training with a new update entry: Update 1.1 Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Creature Training 1.1

    This file includes a map to teach your creature miracles and manners. This file also includes a creature mind that knows all miracles, this is my own creature so you will most likely have to re-train it. This map should only be loaded in the Creature Isle engine. This is untested but removing...
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    Creature Training

    Mysterious Tree submitted a new resource: Creature Training - A map designed to aid in creature training. Read more about this resource...
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    Graphical Resolution and LAN with Hamachi?

    So I got a Windows 10 version working and I was wondering how to change the resolution the game is in because it completely fishes up my custom symbols. Patch 1.4 gave some very chrashing results so I am looking for another solution. And also me and my friend are trying to play in LAN but I have...