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It's quite easy to use. You should have no problems. You can specifyan extraction path. Select the files you want to extract and press"Extract".I have discovered three different types of audio files:- "normal" .wav-files   (PCM, usually 22050Hz, 16Bit, Mono)- MPEG-2 Layer II packed .wav-files   (WAVE_FORMAT_MPEG [format tag 0x50],    usually 22050Hz, 64KBit, Mono)   Because you need a special codec to playback these files, SADEX   automatically converts them into pure MPEG-2 Layer II files (.mp2).   These files can be played back in any MPEG-Player (like WinAmp).   You can switch off this feature if you want to. - pure MPEG-2 Layer II files   (usually 20050Hz, 128KBit, Stereo)   Music is stored using this format. Music is also segmented in   several parts which are played one after another in the game.   SADEX automatically joins these segmented files to one file.   This file can be played back in any MPEG-Player, too.   You can switch off this feature if you want to.
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