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Creature Training 1.1

This file includes a map to teach your creature miracles and manners. This file also includes a creature mind that knows all miracles, this is my own creature so you will most likely have to re-train it.
This map should only be loaded in the Creature Isle engine. This is untested but removing the CREATURE_SPELL_ANTI_SPELL and CREATURE_SPELL_FAST should remove any possible issues with vanilla Black & White. I will probably add another version once I am certain I am done with everything. I'm not a good modder by any means so what I'm saying here might be false. I am unsure if it will still work in vanilla if those spells are still in the .txt file.
Mysterious Tree
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  1. Update 1.1

    A couple new features. - Training temples - Toys - MMCLMA space And one thing that's no longer...