BoTG Spells on B&W2

BoTG Spells on B&W2 1.0

This is a Black and White 2 mod which lets you use Battle of The Gods Expansion
Spells on Black and White 2. This is my script based spell engine which includes four spells.
These are Verdant, Lava, Death and Life Spells. Your creature can also cast these spells. You just
need to cast-grab the spell and give it to your creature, It will cast your spell immediately.

Once you install the mod, you need to start new game or use one of your available save to go next land.
After that, these spells will appear once you build your altar just like rest of the spells.

Additionally, this mod will also unlock Tiger and Gorilla Creatures. This is my extra drizzled topping :)

Works on every patch but Fan Patch v1.4 or upper is recommended. You need to have vanilla or at least a custom game/mod
that does not use custom script based features. Any custom story contained mod can interfere with this mod and cause crashes.
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When I started a new game I was unable to get the water miracle in land 4 so I am stuck with no vanilla miracles.
I'm not sure what your deal is, but I tested and get the water miracle and tutorial on land 4. One more thing, just try to avoid mixing mods, It can cause conflict along the way.
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Excellent! Works as is said and you can have a Gorilla as your Pet without sacrificing the Ape. All the Spells work. Just would like the spells labelled when you hover the mouse over them on the Altar so it's easier to see which one is what. Apart from that : Perfect!!! :):):)
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